My first proper job as an engineer was in the company Faurecia, a car supplier. I specifically worked for the seat manufacturing.

At the start I was told my work would involved pneumatics and travelled two weeks to bavaria to get tought in by the engineer which work I would take over.
The following weeks involved travelling to bavaria from time to time, to programm pneumatic seat massages.

I then also got involved in aquisition by the electronics department and got pretty overwhelmed with the work, beause I didn’t have a background in electronics, programming or even knew how the purchase and project was structured.

At the end I made sure I at least did as good as a job I could in pneumatics and then whatever I could for aquisition. The result was that I was phased out of aquisition and I could focus more on pneumatics. The flaw was that the pneumatics department couldn’t extend my contract, so after one year I was looking for a new project.