During a praxis semster I had the chance to work in a QM department of the washing machine factory of BSW Household Appliences, Wuxi, China. I visited 2 factories of suppliers, analyzed the measurement data collected by out income inspection and offered solutions to several quality problems.

At the end I could not really help to optimize the income inspection regarding the supplier I was working with, because his tolerances were really untrustworthy. Every part had to be controlled, but due to his good contact and cheap prices that seemed to be a good compromise.

Another Improvement suggestion I made was for a number key for product part numbers, that structure the part system in SAP. A safety flaw in the production was found and I even recieved a small gratification for finding it and proposing a solution.

It was really difficult to find many errors in the factory. Despite the clichee of chinese factories, they were producing the machines with the highest quality of all compareable factories from the company.