In the city of Wolfenbüttel, 5 km south of Brunswick, I studied mechanical engineering. I too 9 Semesters to finish the 7 semester degree, because I had trouble getting started in the university sorrounding. I almost got exmatriculated, but was able to pass the vocal konstructioin and development test. The vocal test is the last of 4 chances to finish an examn.

After that I channeled this wakeup call into focus, where I put in a lot of more work to finish every examn. A big help where my learning group that I joined. In the weeks after lectures and before the examns, we would meet daily in a small room in the basement and learn from dawn till dusk, glancing at the sun from the small windows.

Making things work made me have a lot more fun in university, and I was impressed at how much I would actually get done. Each semester I put a big load of lectures, laboratories and other duties on my back and powered through.

I needed one semester to finish the leftover lectures from the first 2 semesters, after that I had maximum one examn that I decided to pass on.

I learned not only a lot of theory, but also how to think as an engineer, analyze machines and processes, characteristics of metals and how to work together in a team.