Your time runs out

You only have so many days to get your business running


– Benjamin Franklin

As an interim construction professional I assist you to plan the necessary steps to develop your product.

I help you to streamline construction and focus on the important parts:


1. Developing your product

2. Making a Profit


What exactly do you get?

The Targeting Call

You have a great idea for a product. You know inside that there are people that want to buy it.

But you have no idea how to get value out of it?

What you need is a step by step guide that guides you towards your goal. The guide developed by me shows you which flags you have to capture. You go from one to another, until you have documented your development.

 The goal is your engineering drawings and part lists

The 10 Steps from idea to documentation of product development can be done without a big team and expensive hardware. They are the first part of producing your product, where you have to invest only miniscule amounts of money.

But it isn’t easy and can get out of hand quick without a goal

This is where I can help you: Where the 10 steps are mostly the same for every product, each project needs to have its own goal defined. You need to know:

  • What you want to develop?

  • What is needed by the market?

  • How much people would pay for it?

  • What regulations do exist?

  • Design

  • Ergonomics

  • Safety

  • And much more

Defining these goals is done using the requirement list, that you can find here.

Targeting call

In the Targeting setting call I help you build a tight framework that encirlces your goal and guides you through the rest of the 10 steps.

The requirement list filled out in this process will acompany you trough the development process and assist you in your numerous decisions.

Starting development with an insufficient list (or worse none) brings you in a risk to drift of your path, away from your goal. During development it is easy to take a route that is easier or looks more satisfying. The requirement list decides if the option is favourable or just a distraction.

Targeting Call: not $150 but only $98

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Ideation Call

Now this may be to early and you may say:

“Stop! Stop! I only have this great idea so far”

Understood, you need to find out first what exactly can come out at the end. You need to find out answers to the questions above:

  • Essential functions

  • Preliminary design

  • Market niche

  • Customer demand

  • ect.

In this first step from your idea to your product, I can assist you in the following.

We will:

  • Develop the idea

  • Test functionality

  • Estimate potential

  • Find comparisons

  • And plan the next step: Research

This call would cost $30/h, but I’m willing to do it for free if you agree to be recorded as a podcast. This would allow me to use it as an example for developing an idea during ideation.


Nobody actually steals ideas

Ideas itself have no value and the discussion of it wont put you in a disantvantage. Someone listening to us throwing ideas around would be entertained, but he doesn’t believe in it like you, doesn’t have a team ready and you still have a headstart.

It’s actually free advertising for your future business.

Please Schedule an Ideation call by noting it for the Introduction Call appointment.

Schedule a free Introductory Call to find out how I can assist you.

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